Honoring the Judiciary: Clarence Darrow’s Judicial Perspective

Starring Gary L. Anderson, America’s renowned Darrow portrayer

Tuesday May 6th, 2014
William A. Bootle – American Inn of Court Chapter – Macon Georgia

Continuing Legal Education Credit: 1.0 to 4.0 hours, including 1 hr for Ethics

Judges.Pocatello.ID-resizeIn an interactive, non-traditional, provocative, educational and inspirational program that includes up to four regional judges complete with robes and gavels who recreate the parts of the actual judges in each case studied.

In this program, we address the perspective that Clarence Darrow’s legacy is an indirect result of a group of judges who contributed to this iconic and controversial figure becoming immortal. This program illustrates just that point, and includes the prosecutions point of view as well.

This detailed legal analysis of four pivotal trials in Darrow’s career is presented with great passion and attention to historical accuracy. The program is fair, balanced and captures the taut atmosphere of the adversarial process, encompassing court dynamics, points of law, the unique views of the prosecution and defense strategies and the judge’s trial management efforts. The information on the judges’ public and private lives is particularly fascinating. The Judicial Perspective program is an intriguing blend of both human tragedy and the elevation of the human spirit through the majesty of the law.

Judicial conduct, misconduct and trial management are important elements of our judicial program.

Sample judicial interaction during the program

Judicial Perspective is exhilarating, relevant, inspirational, and educational and Mr. Anderson’s work is characterized in the same dramatic league as Hal Holbrook’s Mark Twain in newspapers across the country. This is the return of Clarence Darrow, at war and as warrior, returning to engage our justice system in a presentation that trembles with inescapable timeliness.

This is the man behind the legend, not always the hero and not always at his best, with serious legal problems of his own that scarred and haunted him forever.

This is not a dry lecture but a full dramatic re-creation as Clarence Darrow that becomes history alive. The attendees become the jury in every case discussed. The show is interactive as Mr. Darrow moves in and out of the audience asking questions which provokes introspection.

In answer to the most often asked QUESTIONS about the program:

1. How do you relate your presentation directly to judicial areas of interest?

2. Does the role of the judge, enter in at any time?

3. How would this target judges?


Of_course_I_m_trying_to_predjudice_the_Jury_Judge John Caverly – Leopold and Loeb – Discover the true reasons he ruled in favor of what some say was the greatest anti-death penalty pleading in the annals of American law.

Judge Fremont Wood – Hear how his emphasis regarding “uncorroborated accomplice testimony” in instructing the jury in Idaho doomed the judge’s subsequent career after the Big Bill Haywood murder trial of Gov. Steunenberg in Idaho. As he knew it would!

Judge Frank Murphy – According to Darrow, Judge Murphy was …. “The kindliest and most understanding man I have ever happened to meet on the bench” Hear how Judge Murphy risked his career for the sake of racial harmony in Detroit during the Sweet murder trials in Detroit Michigan.

Judge John Raulston – Was he running for office from the bench in the Scopes Trial in Dayton Tennessee? Was he truly biased in favor of the prosecution? Did the media gain their permanent foothold in the courtroom due to the judge’s near obsession with having his photo taken?

 Letters of Recomendation

“The cases Darrow speaks of were an important part of the judicial and social fabric of the country. We learn of the history and courtroom management styles of these judges and appreciated the tremendous pressure and stress, and its effect on each judge and their legacy.”
Idaho Chapter of the Federal Bar Association

“The legal educational experience which you provided our judicial officers was unique in its approach, thoughtful in its design, and engaging in its execution. Long after, I received many unsolicited comments remarking on the overall quality – a testament to the lasting impact of your session.”
Judicial College of Arizona

“Mr. Anderson’s presentation was informative, inspirational, and entertaining. It was extremely beneficial to the audience’s experience as to the ethics and professionalism of the judges analyzed in this historical program.”
Michigan Judges Association

More letters of recommendation are available upon request.