Naked Darrow CLE Program

Naked Darrow CLE Program



In Minneapolis two CLE Ethics Programs (1.5-1.8 hours) were created to either follow the public performances of the Naked Darrow Play or occur before them. These programs are based on Darrow’s newly discovered letters and that focus on his pro bono work.

The Ethics and Practice of Pro Bono Work

Synopsis: A CLE program focusing on how pro-bono work shapes the life of a lawyer as well as the legal system and the challenges and opportunities in pro-bono representation, featuring judges and lawyers who have seen pro-bono from all angles, and including a discussion of the professional life of one of the most legendary pro-bono lawyers, Clarence Darrow.

Lessons From Clarence Darrow and Local Criminal Defense Attorneys

Synopsis: A CLE program focusing on the lessons criminal defense lawyers can learn from Clarence Darrow and his cases as well as learned from local great criminal defense attorneys.