Naked Darrow

Naked Darrow

A one man play by nationally renowned Darrow Portrayer- Gary Anderson

ND-Clarence-Darrow-standing (1)A provocative look at our most hated and revered attorney Clarence Darrow as his great mind slips away. Best known for defending teenage child killers Leopold and Loeb, and for defending science teacher John Scopes in the Scopes Monkey Trial. In this show, Darrow reveals his very private life, his trials, his personal demons, his jury-tampering charges.  Personally reckless and professionally fearless, Darrow now stubbornly faces his two greatest opponents: disease and death. Knowing the odds are against him to the end, he remained Clarence Darrow . . . an American Iconoclast. Gary L Anderson is the country’s most lauded portrayer of Clarence Darrow, with his work characterized in newspapers across the country as “. . . in the same league as Holbrook’s Mark Twain.”

The play Naked Darrow can also be offered in conjunction with the Naked Darrow CLE program that provides: 1.5-1.8  CLE Ethics (with panel




SONY DSCThe national reviews are still coming in as each city proclaims it a hit!

New York Theatre Wire – “Gary Anderson deserves his place in theatrical history, for his not-to-be-missed work of theater. This is a special play that will leave a lasting impression, one, like Darrow, that will not be easily forgotten.’

Minneapolis Star Tribune – “Anderson presents a multifaceted man, examining his character not only through his work as a litigator, but also as a father, grandfather, husband and son. It’s a warts-and-all portrait compelling in its complexity and its humanity.

AisleSay -Twin Cities Reviews -“Naked Darrow is an intense and moving portrait of a man seeking to find meaning in a life that he only partially remembers.What makes this play worth leaving the house for is Anderson’s portrayal of a man piecing together his life. The show really could be about anyone with dementia, but the fact that it’s Darrow adds a dimension to the character’s struggles with his fading memory that is both politically and emotionally powerful. In Darrow’s own words, “Lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for” – and this is certainly a fight and play worth seeing.”

Cherry and Spoon, MN – Anderson commands the theater as Darrow legendarily did the courtroom. He transforms into the character so that no “acting” is visible to the audience; it’s like you’re watching the man himself.”

‘Highly recommended, a rare and fascinating glimpse of history courtesy of an engaging and passionate playwright/actor ‘… drmikenyc for TripAdvisor.Com

‘Gary Anderson does the role and the man great justice with thoughtful dialogue and visceral acting.’ … Maxamoo, New York City

‘Anderson is absolutely spellbinding…’ … ‘..terrific new one-man play’ … Barry Liebmann, Hi! Drama

Phyllis Vine, author of One Man’s Castle: Clarence Darrow in Defense of the American Dream -“Gary Anderson’s portrayal of Clarence Darrow reminds us why spectators lined up at dawn, why judges wept, why reporters howled, and why the name of Clarence Darrow still evokes in us the challenge that we can, that we must continue to fight oppression. I strongly recommend you give yourself this gift and see Naked Darrow.”

Edward Larson – Pulitzer Prize Winning Author of Summer for the Gods – The Scopes Monkey Trial – “Naked Darrow is a delight. It captures Darrow in all his depth and complexity, and makes his wisdom meaningful for us today. There is no better performance about the Attorney for the Damned that Gary Anderson’s Naked Darrow.”

‘Provides an uplifting profile of a man who fought to make the world a better place.’ … Lawyers.Com

‘Darrow’s motto that “lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for” leaves audiences with an inspirational notion to follow your beliefs and convictions. And if you fight for lost causes, you may win some–and find maybe they aren’t so lost, after all.’ … Lawyers.Com