The Lucasville Rebellion: Informants, Perjury, and the Search for Truth


The Lucasville Rebellion: Informants, Perjury and the Search for Truth – 2.0 Ethics Credits

Scenes are drawn from actual court documents, trial exhibits, interrogation notes, recantations, and witness testimony.It also features a regional legal panel to tie in the related substantive Federal and state law in which it is presented.

The program addresses legal issues such as: using and challenging informants, perjured testimony, proper impeachment using prior inconsistent statements, prosecutorial misconduct, false evidence, and the ethical duties of both prosecutors and defense counsel.

The Lucasville program analyzes convictions that was based on informant testimony from the Capital University Law review article Napue Nightmares: Perjured Testimony in the Trials Following the 1993 Lucasville, Ohio, Prison Uprising by attorney Staughton Lynd.

This multimedia CLE program features attending regional lawyers who, at times, portray with scripts-in-hand, various scenes from Mr. Anderson’s 2008 NYC International Fringe Festival showing, based on America’s longest prison rebellion in Ohio.

Continuing Legal Education Credit: 2.0 hours, including 1 hr for Ethics