Gary L. Anderson

Mr. Anderson is the CEO of the Clarence Darrow Foundation,  dedicated to the legacy and perpetuation of the ideals of Mr. Darrow who defended the friendless and frightened of our society. Mr. Anderson works on CLE programs with public defender trainers, judicial colleges, judges associations, criminal defense lawyers, trial lawyers associations, the ACLU, and tours law schools to promote public service law and pro bono programs.

He has co-authored his third Continuing Legal Education (CLE) program, The Lucasville Rebellion: Informants, Perjury and the Search for Truth. The program addresses convictions based on an analysis of informant testimony from the recent Capital University Law review article Napue Nightmares: Perjured Testimony in the Trials Following the 1993 Lucasville, Ohio, Prison Uprising by attorney Staughton Lynd.

The CLE program features attending lawyers who also portray various scenes from Mr. Anderson’s recent Off Broadway produced drama also based on the Lucasville Ohio rebellion. Scenes are drawn from actual court documents, trial exhibits, interrogation notes, recantations, and witness testimony. It also features a regional legal panel to tie in the related substantive Federal and state law in which it is presented. The program addresses legal issues such as using and challenging informantsperjured testimonyproper impeachment using prior inconsistent statementsprosecutorial misconductfalse evidence, and the ethical duties of both prosecutors and defense counsel.

Mr. Anderson has also written a drama – Convict Race: Lucasville, based on Mr. Lynd’s book, Lucasville-The Untold Story of a Prison UprisingConvict Race focuses on the prison uprising in Ohio in 1993 and the men who are currently on Death Row as a result of murder convictions stemming from it. A previous version of Mr. Anderson’s play was produced Off Broadway in New York City in 2008. It has toured 17 cities since 2007.

His most recent commissioned play, Naked Darrow, world premiered at the Park Square Theatre in St. Paul, MN in 2011. This is a provocative look at a great mind slipping away. Talking candidly, and at times unaware, he reveals his life, his fearlessness, personal recklessness, his cases, his beloved mistress, his jury tampering trials and personal demons. He now stubbornly faces his two greatest opponents: disease and death and once more knowing the odds are against him. To the end he was – DARROW – an American iconoclast.

Mr. Anderson tours year round and is the nationally renowned and lauded portrayer of Clarence Darrow andWilliam Jennings Bryan. He is a member of the Screen Actors Guild ( SAG). An award-winning stage actor, he’s appeared in several television series and as Clarence Darrow in the documentary, Assassination: Idaho’s Trial of the Century now airing nationally on PBS.