Letters of Recomendation

The Clarence Darrow Foundation has received scores of testimonials and accolades for their Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Programs. The following letters of recommendation are a sampling of the many they have received. Please contact the foundation if additional recommendations are required.

Clarence Darrow’s Search for Justice

“Your presentation was without question one of the most inspirational programs ever offered in this District for criminal defense attorneys. Your portrayal of Darrow was magnificent and your detailed analysis of his pivotal trials was both entertaining and educational.”
Office of the Federal Public Defender, Northern District of New York

“Your riveting program reminded attorneys why they love the law and the precious power entrusted to them to protect the law. The attorneys who attended commended your portrayal of Darrow and the awareness that was raised of the noble role of an attorney.”
Pennsylvania Bar Institute 

“I am happy to recommend this program to any law school, Inn of Court, or any other groups interested in outstanding and inspirational legal education. ”
Georgia Trial Lawyers Association

Honoring the Judiciary: Clarence Darrow’s Judicial Perspective

“The cases Darrow speaks of were an important part of the judicial and social fabric of the country. We learn of the history and courtroom management styles of these judges and appreciated the tremendous pressure and stress, and its effect on each judge and their legacy.”
Idaho Chapter of the Federal Bar Association

“The legal educational experience which you provided our judicial officers was unique in its approach, thoughtful in its design, and engaging in its execution. Long after, I received many unsolicited comments remarking on the overall quality – a testament to the lasting impact of your session.”
Judicial College of Arizona
“Mr. Anderson’s presentation was informative, inspirational, and entertaining. It was extremely beneficial to the audience’s experience as to the ethics and professionalism of the judges analyzed in this historical program.”
Michigan Judges Association

Testimonials and Letters of Recommendation for the following programs are available upon request:

  • Clarence Darrow’s Search for Justice
  • Honoring the Judiciary: Clarence Darrow’s Judicial Perspective
  • Clarence Darrow’s Unions and Justice
  • The Lucasville Rebellion: Informants, Perjury, and The Search for Truth