Clarence Darrow Foundation Mission

The Clarence Darrow Foundation is dedicated to the legacy and perpetuation of the ideals of Mr. Darrow who defended the friendless and frightened of our society. We continue to work on Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs with public defender trainers, judicial colleges, judges associations, criminal defense lawyers, trial lawyer associations, the ACLU, and tour law schools in order to promote public service law and pro bono programs. See our home page for programs listed for CLE credits.

Mr. Anderson is the CEO and tours year round and is the nationally renowned and lauded portrayer of Mr. Darrow. He is a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the American Federation of Radio & Television Artists (AFTRA). An award-winning stage actor, he’s appeared in several television series and more recently as Clarence Darrow in the PBS television documentary, Assassination: Idaho’s Trial of the Century – now airing nationally.